Survey Monkey 2017 
Responses were received from 66 respondents out of 140 members (47%) response rate
  • Responses were received equally from members new to association and those involved for a longer period of time – representing a good spread
  • Main expectations from members were identified as – having a regional meeting structure, providing a professional network, developing aspects of good practice. Although Annual conference and training opportunities were seen as less important, over 70% people were still identifying these as important
  • Main benefits of membership were seen to be the provision of a professional network and support to develop practice – generally mirroring expectations
  • The association was seen as generally meeting members needs well, average rating was 3.73 / 5 – 68% indicating either very or extremely well and 5% not so well
  • Wide variation in what would improve experience of being ABSCo member 
    • Website development – identified most frequently
    • Widen training offer
    • Development resources – training volunteers / more focus on clinical issues and less on policy
    • Improved communication
  • The Key areas which were identified for members to be able to access training were:
    • Outcome measures
    • Research and evidence based
    • Volunteers training
    • Developing skills / quality assurance training
  • It was suggested that ABSCO should have a signposting role and focus on providing training where there are gaps in training
  • Geography and time were the main barriers identified to attendance at regional meetings
  • Skype, email contact and development of different methods of communication were identified as possible ways to improve the regional meetings
  • Developing the networks between members was seen as being key in the development of the association, particularly through regular communications and updates, the development of peer  reviews to embed care standards into practice
  • Most members felt that it was important that the association worked in collaboration with partners: NBA; Hospice UK and CBN were identified as being key partnerships – the possibility of developing partnerships within the children's hospice sector was also identified
  • The executive will utilise this data to inform the development of the Association.
  • The full Survey Monkey data can be accessed here

ABSCo - Association of Bereavement Service Coordinators - Hospice and Palliative Care


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